Good mood cruise

Completed in 2003, our vessel M/S Serena is a quality cruiser, with Nurmes as its port of registry. Long-term boating experience and familiarity with the locality are strengths on which we have planned the cruises on Lake Pielinen and the neighbouring waterways. From Lake Pielinen we have access along River Pielisjoki to Joensuu and from there further to Lake Saimaa (Savonlinna – Lappeenranta) and via the canals all the way to the Gulf of Finland.

In addition to rich in atmosphere and safe boating, we offer tasty food and an authentic ambiance. In compliance with the nature of each cruise, the vessel will be ready, including decoration place setting. We can also organise the required program services based on the theme of the event. We value high quality and local focus in our operation.

Join us on a Good Mood Cruise!
Skipper Jari Loikkanen & crew

Our offering consists of a comfortable atmosphere, good service, co-operation with the surrounding nature